Specialty Pet Cuts

Specialty Pet Cuts

What is a Specialty Cut?

When a pet comes in for a Specialty Cut, this service requires more hand scissoring, de-matting, and more overall time. A traditional groom may not take as much time, and the length of the hair/fur is the same all over, with some minor dematting. A good rule of thumb is that a specialty cut is anything over 1 inch long and not one length all over.

Specialty Cuts Celeverity Pets Offers

Our Groomers are well trained in specialty cuts to help capture your pet’s unique personality.

  • Mohawks
  • Lion cuts
  • Hand scissoring
  • Asian fusion
  • Boots and bell-bottom
  • Certain breed cuts (show cuts)


Give your pet a little extra edge with the mohawk cut! Add some pet-safe hair dye to give the mohawk a more dramatic effect.

Lion Cuts

Channel your pet’s wild side with a lion cut! This cut involves shaving, or significant trimming of the pet’s body hair, leaving the hair around the face, legs, and the tip of their tail.

Hand Scissoring

Hand scissoring is a technical skill that we use, so our groomers have more control of the style and can sculpt your pet’s hair evenly.

Asian Fusion

Asian fusion is a grooming technique that originated in Japan, China, and Korea. This style will make your dog look like a puppy – no matter their age! Your pup will be sure to leave our salon looking like a sweet and fluffy teddy bear.

Boots and Bell-Bottom

Tidy up your pup’s feet with a boot or bell-bottom trim! This cut gives your dog the look of wearing boots or bell bottoms.

Certain Breed Cuts

For each breed, there are specific cuts that are unique to them. These are usually styled using scissors and/or clipped patterns.

Since not all coats are suitable for certain specialty cuts, our trained groomers will help determine the best cut and style for your pet on their first visit!