Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

Our experienced cat groomer will be sure that your feline family member has a relaxing, and stress-free spa day. All our groomers are Fear Free Certified and are passionate about providing the best service and experience to our clients.

For our feline friends, we offer:

  • The Complete Cat Grooming Package
  • Add on Services

Why is Grooming Your Cat Important?

Getting your cat groomed regularly is an important part of maintaining their well-being! One of the benefits of having your cat groomed regularly is your groomer will become familiar with your cat – and is likely to notice any underlying lumps, bumps, and spot changes happening with your pet’s skin. Early detection is important for all diseases, so having a second set of eyes to inspect your cat thoroughly will improve your chances of finding anything abnormal sooner than later.

How Often Should Your Cat be Groomed?

The frequency of how often your pet should be groomed varies by the length and type of coat your cat has. Some breeds are recommended to be groomed as often as every four weeks, and others can go longer in between grooms. Our groomers will be able to help answer this question once they have assessed your pet and provide a recommendation of an ideal grooming schedule.

Cat Grooming Package

Completed Cat Grooming Package

Schedule your feline friend for a complete grooming package, where they will receive a warm bath, a thorough shampoo cleanse using top-of-the-line products, and nail trim. Our trained cat groomer will also remove existing knots, and mats and clean up areas where matting commonly occurs (belly, armpits, and sanitary areas). Your cat will also leave with a fresh blowout, which helps remove the excessive dead coat, and help reduce shedding.

Requirements Prior to Booking Appointment

For the safety of our clients and groomers, we have implemented the following requirements prior to scheduling your cat for a grooming appointment.

Cat Requirements

  • We require our feline clients to be up to date on the following vaccinations: Rabies, RVRCP, and FELV (if indoor & outdoor).
  • Cats must arrive in a carrier. If more than one of your cats is coming in for a grooming appointment, they must arrive in two separate carriers.